Wednesday, 3 July 2013

GSOC Week 3

It's now the third week of coding and last week I've made considerable progress on my module but a lot of work still needs to be done. With the code I've written so far, the module now works with the Fat Panel version of the UI Options. It seems to work on Mac and Windows in IE 10 and 9, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari but for some reason when I tested the module in Ubuntu, it did not work.
 What's next? First I need to figure out what is causing it not to function in Ubuntu. At first I found that the main Infusion.js was not being loaded so I looked at the file permissions and I did find that I had to change some permissions on some of the file in order for it to load. Now that it seems to be properly loading the .js file, I now see some javascript error in the browser's console.
Also, I will need to start working on integrating the other two versions of the UI Options: Full Page and Full Page with Preview. Integrating the Full Page UI Options involves creating a separate page in plain html and integrating that into Drupal. I need to find out the "Drupal Way" of working with static html or if it would be possible to just use a node in Drupal.

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