Sunday, 21 July 2013

Week 5 Update

Today is Sunday and I wanted to write an update on my GSOC project. This past week was the fifth week of coding and I’ve had to rewrite a lot of the code that I wrote in the beginning when I started my project. The reason for this is that I had to switch to the latest version of the Infusion Fluid library, version 1.5, and the code that I’ve written when I started was for the current stable version 1.4 of the library. A lot of new files has been added to the latest version of the library, most of which are CSS files. There were also some changes to the API so I had to update my code to reflect these changes.  There will probably be more changes since they’re still continuing to work on it and this is one of the challenges of this project since I am working with a version of the Infusion that's still undergoing lots of changes.

Aside from these changes, I also have implemented some new settings to the module. I have added an option for admins to use a block for the link to the the Full Page and Full Page with Preview UIO so that they can have the option of changing where this link appears on their page by going to the Block configuration page.

My next task is to create a custom template file to replace the default template file for the Fat Panel Frame that comes with the library and include it with my module. I need to use my own template file since my module uses a custom build of the Infusion library and the default template file does not link to the proper js and css files.

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